The Bush Telegraph – Volume 43: Jan – Mar 2021

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature …. It will never fail you” – Frank Lloyd Wright

Bush greetings from our little piece of paradise!

Whilst we have been truly enjoying our last three months of our glorious summer, we are starting to see the change in season rapidly approaching.  With days still baking hot in mid-30’s temperatures, the mornings & evenings are cooling down.  There are some misty starts to the day, which the sun fast burns off to take control of the day.

We have continued to be so blessed with incredible rainfall this quarter & watching the bush thrive is a sight to behold, with the thick tall grass making some of our wildlife look like they don’t have legs!

Stefan returned from drive one morning with the perfect description: “Its like pea-soup out there”!

And whilst everyone surmises that this vegetation does not make for good gameviewing, our tales throughout our bush telegraph will tell otherwise.

There was much trepidation around Cyclone Elouise in early January: we watched as the Kruger National Park was devastated in certain parts by flooding, as well as the Olifants River rising alarmingly high.  However, we were fortunate to just enjoy soft, lasting rain with no devastation.  The Klaserie River rose nicely with no threat of flooding & the only slight inconvenience was not being able to cross the causeway at our Head Quarters for a few days.

This has definitely been a summer to remember!

Rainfall figures (mm) Jan Feb Mar
2019:      Kitara 78 151 14.5
               Nzumba 67 152 10
2020:      Kitara 88.5 209 5.5
               Nzumba 107.5 190.5 10
2021:      Kitara 223 66 23
               Nzumba 187 104.5 29.5


Written by:                         Lee-Anne Detert

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