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“Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bush greetings from the Klaserie Camps team!


We trust that this finds you & your family all healthy & safe!

This is our second “lockdown newsletter” & although South Africa is at Stage 1, much of the world is going into further lockdown again.

Whilst international travel was still not an option by the end of September, we opened our doors to our fellow South Africans on 01 September.


Nzumba Self-Catering has been the popular choice & Frikkie & Natasha have enjoyed hosting some special family times!  We have extended our special self-catering rate until 31 Dec 2020, so now is the time to start planning a special getaway at our little piece of paradise!

Nzumba Catered is still an option & our talented chef is ready to spoil your tastebuds!


September is our spring month & we are incredibly thankful that the bush still looked very good at the end of winter, traditionally dry but still with a lot of ground cover, & our wildlife in really good condition.  We wait in anticipation for the rains to arrive & transform the bush.

Photo:  Frikkie

Photos:  OTS camera traps

On Track Safaris Camera Traps

We are still enjoying a great variety of photos from these camera traps, proving how popular & essential our waterholes are. We are so grateful to have use of these camera traps.

Photos: (L) Stefan // (R) Natasha

There was a great variety of bird sightings from our resident birdlife.  It is time for our migratory birds to return, with sightings of Wahlbergs Eagles already seen at end August.  Special sightings also included Ground & Trumpeter Hornbills.

Photos: (L) Natasha // (R) Nathan

General Game Sightings

We have not been disappointed & you can see from these photos that there has been a good variety of wonderful little creatures!

What has to be the most phenomenal sighting was an Aardvark seen by Craig in July at Thompsons Pan 1.

Photos: (L) Frikkie // (R) Karolina

Another unique sighting was a Caracoul seen by Frikkie on Nzumba Airstrip.

Other great sightings included Civets, Genets, Honey Badgers, Bush Baby & Porcupine.

Natasha’s photo of the hippo was taken at Dundee Dam, but there is also a hippo living in a pool of water just upriver from Kitara.

Our resident Klipspringers have made their latest young one public.

Photos:  Nathan

Rhino Dehorning

In August, Fred & Manuela Crabbia, the owners of Klaserie Camps, sponsored the dehorning of a rhino to assist the reserve, as well as create awareness for their children & grandchildren.

Our sightings have increased, all sightings are of dehorned rhino.

Photos: (L) Craig // (R) Frikkie


Sightings have increased again, with a lot of activity around Nzumba waterhole, as well as Thompsons. There are also consistent sightings throughout our properties.

Photos: (L) Stefan // (R) Natasha

In July we had a herd of approx. 100 buffalo at the sandy crossing.  This is the biggest herd this quarter, although we have had regular sightings of smaller herds particularly around our waterholes.

There are also frequent sightings of small groups of dagha boys.

Photos: (L) Craig // (R) Nathan

Elephant Breeding Herds 

There is no shortage in this quarter, each herd with numerous young calves.
In Aug & Sept, two very big herds were seen at Dundee & Nzumba waterholes, over 100 in size.  Fantastic clip on social media of a herd at Nzumba waterhole by Frikkie.

Photos: (L) Nathan // (R) Stefan

Wild Dog

We had four separate sightings of wild dog: two sightings towards end Aug on Crabbia/Thompsons cutline & two sightings middle Sept on Thompsons.

All sightings where the same pack of five, one with a collar.

Photos: (L) Natasha // (R) Karolina

Leopard Sightings

(L) Dundee (R) Lamula & her cub

We have had such exciting leopard sightings!

A total 31 separate sightings: Manzi & her cub (getting bigger now) were seen on a kill, Craig came across Lamula & her tiny, adorable cub on TomKat, the Kitara female was seen frequently in the area & Dundee is still very relaxed around Dundee/Nzumba.

There have also been a few sightings of an unknown big tom.

Photos: (L) Stefan // (R) Karolina

Lion Tales

(L) Rusermi male (R) Timbila male

It’s such an exciting time with the newly formed Timbila pride still resident in the area & there have been sightings of a new set of cubs at Hot Spot.

The pride are incredibly vocal but also incredibly illusive.

In Sept, the Rusermi pride killed a giraffe in a drainage line off Segologolo drive close to Dundee.

The Rusermi male is still a youngster & already has character markings from a few beatings.

We had 15 different lion sightings in this quarter.




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Written by: Lee-Anne Detert

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