The Bush Telegraph on our Leopards

“I’ve never met a leopard that I didn’t love”

As our leopard population dynamics change
(along with some incredible interactions),
we are so excited to share the following updates with you!

Emfuleni male
This male used to mainly be seen around our neighbours Emfuleni and Tracy Myers properties. We now see him around Nkwazi, Wild Dog Dam, Thompsons and Nzumba area. He is a big male with light eyes, He has definitely had a major impact on the movements of the Green-eyed male, as we do not see him nearly as regularly as we used to.

Green Eyed male
Sightings of him have been less frequent as the Emfuleni male moved into the same area.
He seems to be moving more onto Olifants property and may sometimes still be seen around Dundee.

Pale male
Named after his pale coat. His territory is mostly around Klaserie Drift and Makumu, but we do sometimes see him on neighbouring Bach, Thompsons and Bernitz properties. He is the dominant male around that Klaserie River area.  He was thought to be mating with Manzi towards the end of last year – watch this space!

Nzumba Airstrip male
This young male still gets seen around the Nzumba airstrip. Maybe not as often as he used to, due to the presence of the Emfuleni male. He still likes to come and drink at Nzumba waterhole. He seems to be spending a lot of time around Windmill Pan as well, and then move back towards Makumu.

Young male around Hot Spot and Last Word Kitara
Not too much is known about this male, but he has been seen a few times around Hot Spot and Leadwood Drive close to neighbouring Last Word Kitara. He can be slightly skittish initially when you spot him but seems to be more relaxed as the sighting goes on.

Windmill Pan female’s male youngster
Has not been seen too often. Bas been seen with his mom, and once or twice on his own around Olifants and Dundee.  Last sighting of him was a few months ago just south of Nzumba on a kill.

(super-mom) Manzi & her 2 youngsters
Probably the leopards we see the most. Mainly around neighbouring Bach and Bernitz properties. They seem to like the Klaserie River area and the Dundee creek. The young male and female are also seen more and more on their own. It is thought that, at the end of last year, the two youngsters became independent of their mom.

Xivindzi female
Manzi’s previous youngster. She has moved a bit more out of our traverse, but we still see her around neighbouring Bach, and when we get invited by Makumu to view her.

Windmill Pan female
She is not a female that we spot often, but when we do……it is always a super-special sighting. She is generally seen close to Nzumba, Dundee and Olifants properties.

Female and 2 youngsters around Wild dog dam
We do not see the mom often as she is a bit more skittish. The two youngsters (male and female) however get seen often around Wild Dog Dam and roads around it. They have truly become well habituated to the vehicles, and we have had some awesome sightings of them.
Because the young female is the most relaxed & comfortable with vehicles (almost like she enjoys the attention….), she has been named Karula which means “Peace”

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Written by: Lee-Anne Detert
Thank you, Stefan Steenkamp, for the detailed article
& our guides for their beautiful photos.

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